Attitudes of Managers in the Knowledge Private University towards the impact of Human Capital in Achieving Competitive Advantages


  • Zana Majed Sadq
  • Hazhar Omer Mohammed
  • Bestoon Othman
  • Vian Sulaiman Hama Saeed


This study aims to analysis the impact of human capital through its dimensions (employee's knowledge, employee's creativity,employee's competncies, and social competence) in achieving competitive advantages through its dimensions (least cost (price), quality, service, and differentiation) based on attitudes of a sample of managers in the Knowledge Private University in Kurdistan Region/Iraq. To collect data, a questionnaire has been administered and distributed directly to 26 of managers at Knowledge private university consist of dean of collage and head of department. This study has a great significance because human capital has received great interest in organizations as well as because to its role in maximize the competitiveness and achieving their objectives. The questionnaire comprised two sections with 32 questions. Data collected analysed quantitatively by using SPSS program version 20. This study found that there is a significant impact of human capital in achieving competitive advantages.

Keywords: Human Capital, Employee's Knowledge, Employee's Competncies,Employee's Creativity, Social Competence, Competitive Advantages