An Efficient Stock Market Prediction Using Data Mining


  • G. Vijaya Kumari
  • B Vamsi Krishna
  • K. Anusha
  • D Harika


The share cost prediction will be the function of choosing the future cost of commercial business or other company stock. Prediction of few developments permitted from numerous patterns might be discovered. The humans have always attracted to spend money in stock exchanges & share market as they give many economic advantages that are also a significant for economic research. Prediction of share costs will be much critical problem, it rely on many factors like organization economic status & national policy etc. Numerous surveys are executed for daily direction of change in stock list &prediction of stock list value. Such numerous methods are made for anticipatingthe future stock expenses yet everybody has their own faults. This manuscript anticipates to survey, improve & evaluate diverse methods so as to anticipate future stock trades. The empirical outcomes, which diverse arrangement systems might be effectively deploy for prediction of share cost.
Keywords: Prediction, Stock Market, Data Mining (DM), Prices, Forecast.