Analyses of Consumer Satisfaction Regarding Apps use, And Service Quality in a Fast Food Operation


  • Dovina Navanti, Indra Lubis, Bintang Narpati, Rorim Panday


The food business is one of the lucrative forms of business, where money circulation can be said to be very fast, so this business is mostly done by the community to add additional income for their lives. For purchase the food, Go-Jek as one of the online transportation service companies, provides food pickup services that consumers need, by designing the Go-Food application as product of Go-Food. With this application, there will be many things that are saved by consumers, namely in terms of time, money and costs. The Go-Food application is made in such a way that anyone can use it easily. The purpose of this study is to explore whether the quality of mobile apps as Go-Food  product and Go-food services has a significant effect on consumer satisfaction. This research was using quantitative methods, conducted in Bekasi regency in November 2019. The population used is Go-Food consumers, where specifically consumers have installed the Go-Jek application and use the Go-Food apps. Sample  used convenience sampling as many as 220 respondents. Data collection using Google forms. The results of the research showed a significant influence of Go-Food product quality on Go Food consumer satisfaction. Go-Food service quality also significantly influence on Go-Food consumer satisfaction. Go-Food product quality and Go-Food service quality as simultaneously significantly influence on consumer satisfaction. As an implication of this research, Go-jek must maintain and also improve the quality of its apps and the quality of Go-Food services.

Keywords: apps quality, Go-Food product quality, Go-Food service quality, consumer satisfaction.