Blood Vessel Segmentation Methods for Diabetic Retinopathy


  • Rajesh S.R
  • E. Kanniga
  • M. Sundararajan


Diabetes is a constantly recurring disease causedby failure of insulin production inthe body. Problems of Diabetes may leads to heart disorders and vascular disease like Diabetic Retinopathy (DR).The condition arises when blood vessels in the retina become swelled and the situations that leaks fluid which ultimately leads to vision loss/vision impairment. It is predominantly generates by the variations or changes in the retina vessels even though manual screening is available. The changes bring about due to diabetes mellitus follows significant micro-vasculature which in turn causes DR that eventually yields to complete vision loss. DR is also characterized by the retina deterioration with different types of lesions such as Micro aneurysms (MA), Hemorrhages, exudates, Hard Exudates, Soft Exudates, Cotton Wool Spots etc..  These lesion detection plays an  outstanding  part  in the diagnosis of DR. Identification of  structural  changes  in  retina vessels are very composite and difficult , thus requires the help of Computer Aided Diagnosis  (CAD)  systems  to qualify well organizeddiagnosis.Diabetic Macular Edema (DME) is aprogressive indication of DR and this may result in irreversible visual impairment.Here, segmentation ofblood vessels for detecting Diabetic Retinopathy isproposed. Blood vessel is one of the retinal features which can show the retina pathologies. It can be extracted from retinal image by image processing with following stages: pre-processing, segmentation, and post-processing. Segmentation process is the core process in blood vessel detection on retinal fundus image. In this process, blood vessel will be detected on eye retinal fundus image. Segmentation process withclassification  techniquerequires the features extraction. It is necessary to performing an efficient segmentation process. The performance can be evaluated based on the accuracy and sensitivity obtained onsegmentation.

Keywords: Retina, DiabeticRetinopathy,  Diabetic  Macular Edema, microaneurysms, exudates,hemorrages.