Impact of Motivation on Productivity of Retailers: A Study of Telecom Service Providers


  • Sudipta Majumdar, Ajitabh Kumar Dubey


Motivation & productivity are among the most discussed topic in corporate world. There are large number of studies done on motivation & productivity and this is also true in context of telecom industry. Research work on workplace performance and motivation has been initiated by Elton Mayo at the Western Electric Hawthorne plant and Maslow’s need hierarchy theory. Post this there are various studies done in the area of motivation and productivity. But literatures covering motivational theory for channel sales, which is a separate entity working for the organization, is not much prevalent and they mostly covered on the people working in an organization. In channel sales, retailers are important link that connect customers with organizations. There are various innovations done by companies to connect directly with customers but in perspective of telecom industry, importance of channel & retailers are still very important. Customers are getting serviced through retailers and retailers act as advocator for company’s brands or products. Hence, to get edge over competition companies give very high focus on retailer management and keep on innovating various programs and schemes to motivate them. If retailers are motivated they will be more productive for organizations. But is this true for retailers of telecom industry also? By keeping this background in mind, this research study is focussed on behavioural aspect of telecom industry to enhance our knowledge on performance or productivity in the area of channel sales management. It tries to identify that how productivity gets impacted with the factors of motivation of telecom retailers using multivariate analysis. Total 600 retailers across various towns of Jharkhand were studied. The research findings of this study will be of immense use for telecom operators and other channel led organizations in linking their motivational initiatives with retailers’ productivity effectively.