Underlay and Overlay Subcarrier Power Optimization of OFDMA Based Cognitive Radio Network Using Different EvolutionaryAlgorithm


  • Keshav Mishra, Rekha Gupta, Aditya Trivedi


The higher transmitted power is always beneficiary to the wireless communication system to combat noises and for providing a higher data rate. The power is restricted due to cost implications and limits of radiation level. In the case of cognitive radio, it is further restricted for minimization of interference introduced to the primary users. Hence, a power level optimization is required for the cognitive radio network (CRN). The total power is distributed to the sub-channels according to the channel behaviour. In this paper, power allocation to underlay and overlay subcarrier (sub-channel) has been done based on channel capacity. Due to a large number of the subcarrier, evolutionary algorithms like Genetic Algorithm, Particle Swarm Optimization, Moth Flame Optimization have been applied for the CRN system. The comparative results have been presented for different power budget.