A New Method for Constructing Digital Signature Algorithm based on a New Key Scheme


  • Van Luu Xuan, Binh Nguyen Luong, Dung Luu Hong


E-governance is the latest trend in many countries in which the government is using the online system for delivering government services to citizensand the Digital Signature is used to validate contents and authorize users who are involving in the E-governance system. Although there are many digital signature schemes currently known as: RSA, Elgamal,... the approach of improving the safety level of digital signature schemes based on the hardness of solving simultaneous difficult assumptions has still remained underdeveloped and attracted rising attentions from researchers. In this research, with the target to improve safety level of digital signature algorithms, we present the proposed method for constructing digital signature algorithms which is based on a new key scheme. This new key format is constructed using a new difficulty problem without high-efficiency solution and it can be applied to construct digital signature algorithms. According to this research, a high-security digital signature class can be construct by the proposed method in some actual situation.