Effects of Workplace Fun on Employee Morale and Performance

  • Harshini . A, Sreeya B


Introducing the workplace fun is very much necessary in today’s growing competition. Happy workers are the most productive employees. It is very essential to maintain a high rate of employee performance and employee morale in order for the organisation to reach great heights. The objectives of the research are to know about the effects of workplace fun on employee morale and employee performance and to determine the enjoyment of the job between the salary. The research method used here is empirical research .Convenient sampling method is used here to collect the data. The total sample size is 204. The sample frame of my research is banking organising people , organisation , bus stand , housing areas ,etc .The independent variables used are age, gender , occupation , educational qualification , marital status . The dependent variables are job enjoyment , impact , preferred way for workplace fun , festivals , music ,hangout spots ,  gaming , sports, remuneration , recognition, etc . The statistics / tools used for analysis are graphs. The most preferred way by employees are hangout spots . Thus it is very important to imply fun activities in workplace