Decoding the Algorithm to Improve Extra Role Behavior among Employees: A Study of Select it Firms in India

  • Meha Joshi, Aastha Verma


The paper aims at finding the relationship between Extra Role behavior or Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) and Organizational Commitment (OC). It also addresses the most influential factors contributing to Organizational Citizenship Behavior.
Organizational Citizenship Behavior isa behavior exhibited by employees in the organization outside the range of their responsibilities. It is a behavior in which employees exceed the boundaries in order to help strangers or colleagues. (Organ, 1988)
The final questionnaire constituted 33 items and these items were administered on 100 respondents from IT industry at various locations of India. The reliability of an instrument is its ability to produce consistent results each time. Reliability Test using Cronbach’s Alpha was conducted on a sample of 20 respondents and it was found to be 0.715.Random sampling method was used for the survey.
The 28 itemquestionnaire by Bateman and Organ (1983) was used to find Organizational Citizenship Behavior which was developed. To determine Organizational Commitment level, a 5-item scale drawn from Meyer and Allen’s (1991) was used. Likert scale with 5 points was used for the study. The scales ranging from strongly disagree (1) to strongly agree (5) is considered. Correlation was used to find out the relationship between Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Organizational Commitment. Further, to understand the best contributing or the influential factor towards Organizational Citizenship Behavior Stepwise Multiple Regression is used.