Connections for Bamboo in Buildings - A Review

  • G. Balaji, R. Vetturayasudharsanan, E. Arul Reegan Raj, S. Pranav kumar


This review paper has been carried out in order to study about the various connection used for connecting bamboo in buildings. It is also carried in order to learn about the ancient and modern methods of bamboo construction this investigation offers with bamboo as a reinforcement fabric in structural detail, with the intention to provide sustainable improvement through preserving the usage of iron ore.  The principal goal is to reduce the quantity of steel through the usage of bamboo, which possess houses which include ductility, strength much like metallic and anti corrosive inside the non-load bearing regions.  By the usage of bamboo reinforcement, the self-weight of the shape may be far bamboos have been used as longitudinal reinforcement alongside steel shear reinforcement, right here we are the use of bamboo for longitudinal and shear reinforcement.  The stirrups have been provided at required spacing along longitudinal and transverse route. The research work is also carried out in order to study the load transfer during various connections. The outcome of this review is proposed to create a new idea for connecting bamboo in buildings.