MIMO Planar Quasi Yagi Antenna for 5G Mobile Applications

  • H. M. R. Nurul, Z Mansor, M. K. A. Rahim


This paper presents planar quasi Yagi antenna for 5G mobile applications with 28 GHz operating frequency. The proposed quasi Yagi antenna fed by microstrip feed and consist of dipole driver, threedirectors and truncated ground plane as reflector. The single planar quasi Yagi antenna achieved 8.15 dB realized gain. The MIMO configuration of the proposed antenna is also investigated. It consistsof two sets of array located orthogonal side of each other. Realized gain of the two element of planar quasi MIMO antenna achieved up to 11.63 dB. The simple design of the MIMO planar quasi Yagi antenna offers ease to be implemented for 5G mobile phone antenna.