Health Monitoring System using Augmented Reality

  • Chaitanya R, Puviarasi R


In rural and urban areas it is very important to create awareness about personal health and appoint doctors for regular and good check-ups. In this system, there is an implementation of the advancement of wireless technology and IoT which act as a screening device for health issue identifications. It permits doctors to attend multiple patients in urban and rural areas without constant focusing on a single patient. In this proposed project a system is designed in which such a type of device which is used for regular monitoring of patients in hospital is utilised. The introduction of IoT technology makes it more flexible and accurate that a doctor can monitor his patient’s condition without his physical presence all the time. On the whole there is a need to introduce such a type of design which can monitor health condition and emergency application and analyze the parameters and give an alert if something goes in an abnormal fashion and data can be transmitted wirelessly anywhere by utilising IoT technology. The primary motive behind this paper is to make the health monitoring system for patients basic and accurate. Currently in this paper, monitoring of body temperature, respiratory rate and heart rate is done but it can be further expanded to measuring various parameters like stress, vibration, blood pressure, etc. Another objective of this proposed system is to examine these parameters to distinguish the issue precisely and to give the patient better medication at the earliest and these analyzed data can be transmitted wirelessly to the doctor anywhere around the globe by using Augmented Reality.