Combined Economic Emission Dispatch using Noval Bat Algorithm in Thermal Power Plant

  • R. Mathi, S. Jayalalitha


Now a days the fossil fuels helps for power generation in which it emits contaminants like carbon dioxides and sulphur dioxide in addition to nitrogen oxides in to the air. This makes global warming and environmental contamination. The modern utilities were forced to simultaneously optimize both economy and emission targets because of public awareness environmental protection also due to the enactment of amendments (CAAA) of 1990. This paper deals with the optimization of the electrical power system in which it tend to consider a major emission with the standard constraint and the amount of fuel cost. CEED problem implies to reduce the greenhouse gases emission from the thermal power generating stations. It also tend to minimize the total fuel cost of the thermal generation in solving over all system constraints which makes the  multi objective problem. This problem deals with the area of multiple criteria in which multi is converted into single objective problem through the introduction of penalty factor in terms of price, this helps in steady system performance. The solution to the problem is implemented by using “BAT Algorithm”. Generating stations with 3  thermal generating units are considered as test systems for this  work. The performance of the analyzed method is going to be  implemented in MATLAB.