Blockchain for Controlling Social Network Activities and Authorization Procedures

  • J. Boopala, Agash CP, T. Akash, M. Abishake, S. Biruntha


The main of this project is to develop a Block chain working model for internal security in Social Network Environment with multiple users Interface model. In this project, we are using SHA256 hash algorithm for transaction and creating hash blocks for each users. Here in this application, we are will generate encoding cryptographic key for viewing the communication and transaction between multiple users. The key is generated by using the rundle cryptographic algorithm. The data communication undergoes hash encryption using SHA256 hashing functions and algorithm. So right now, going to see the about square chain which is a connected rundown of exchange which contains information and hash pointer to the past square in the square chain. Hash work is utilized to delineate in squares. The characteristics returned by hash work are called hash regards, hash codes, etc. Square chain is a creating once-over of records called squares which are associated using cryptography. Each square contains a cryptographic hash of the past squares and moreover trade data. This technology can be implemented anywhere in health care, medicine, insurance, etc. Here we are implementing this technology inside a hospital environment for secured data transfer.The major challenges in the social network are:Stop spreading fake and old messages around social network and Identifying fake and irreverent message or news spreaders.
In India most of the people are into social networks. Some people are taking advantage of this and spreading fake and irrelevant news in the society. Due to these major riots, culture oriented problems, fake medical messages are spreading over the people. Still there is no technology to identify these problems. Here we are introducing block chain to overcome all the above mentioned problems. Our method finds the solution for these major issues. Using the above mentioned explanation with SHA256 algorithms supports block chain a lot to implement. In case of any changes done in the mid node, using the hash function and SHA 256 algorithm, the man in the middle can be identified. The entire hash should be exactly match with the primary hash. So that data cannot be changed in the middle. In case of any changes occurred the data owner will be get notice.