Development of Wheelchair Gesture Control

  • M A Dandu, N M Noor, M N I Ramli


The needs of disabled individuals in mobility can be satisfied through wheelchair. But some of them may face a hard time to maneuver the wheelchair using their arms. This study will cover the development of wheelchair gesture control and describe a wheelchair for individual with physical disability. The wheelchair can be easily maneuvered and change directions according to the gestures made by the user. The aim of this project is to develop an enhanced system of a wheelchair in recognition of gestures. To achieve this aim, research has been made throughout the process of the project to understand the system of accelerometer to improvise and innovate the existing manual wheelchair. Problem statement: Long-term wheelchair user often faced shoulder pain. This problem seems to be related with the excessive use of arms as the users rely on their arms for their mobility and transfers. Therefore, the user may face rapid fatigue, loss of endurance, decreased speed and much more. Besides, quadriplegic patient cannot move their body to maneuver the wheelchair. Thus, the idea of Wheelchair Gesture Control came up to solve this issue. Wheelchair users will not depend on their arms anymore as they can easily control the movement of the wheelchair just by tilting the transmitter.