Design and Testing of PWM controlled Four Switch Three Phase Inverter based UPFC

  • S. Baskar, K.Thanigaivel


Design and testing of Micro Grid with Unified Power Flow Compensator (UPFC) using Four Switch Three Phase Inverter (FSTPI) is the main objective of this paper. PWM control strategies are implemented for analyzing this power configuration. In this proposed paper deals with the PWM controller based UPFC for micro grid application. The PWM controller was selected due to smooth Power control. Four Switch Three Phase Inverter (FSTPI) was implemented in UPFC to reduce the size, switching losses, no of power switches, noise to signal ratio, power losses. The UPFC power configuration is designed and tested with Four Switch Three Phase Inverter using PWM controller for  loads using MATLAB/SIMULINK software. The simulation result narrates that the FSTPI based UPFC which give better performance in improvement of smooth control of real, reactive power in transmission lines. The design of FSTPI based UPFC will reduce the overall cost and maintenance.