Reverence of Local Authorities in School Education

  • Subhashini M, A. R. Aruna


The Right to Education Act makes elementary education free and compulsory for children between 6 to 14 years of age. The local authorities under RTE Act are provided with duties to provide quality education to children of all age groups. The main objective of the paper is to know public perception of effectiveness in delivery of duties of local authorities in school education. The research method followed is descriptive research. The data is collected through a questionnaire and the sample size is 150. Convenience sampling method is adopted in the study to collect the data. The samples were collected from the general public with special reference to Chennai region. The independent variables are age and gender. The dependent variables are monitoring the admission and functioning of schools, providing better facilities to the neighborhood schools and to distribute the funds for schools. The researcher used graphs to analyze the data collected. It is observed from the analysis that the local authorities are effectively performing their duties to provide quality primary education.