Protection of Patient Information Records Monitoring System through USB-HID and PIC Microcontroller PPIRMS

  • Ali Hassan, Rosilah Hassan, Mohammed Dauwed, Azizah Ya’acob


Several wearable devices have been suggested by the healthcare to assemble and display the patient information. Unfortunately, the privacy nor the reliability of the recorded data are met since many people can use the same device, and not necessarily with prior knowledge. The main objective of this project is to design a new system for patient information recording to ensure both privacy and relevance of the data. This new Protection of Patient Information Records monitoring system (PPIRMS) system can monitor the data in total privacy using USB-HID. The system will send the recorderd data using USB-HID connection which will ensure both security and privacy. The system implementation consists of many simulations. This PPIRMS system avoids the misuse of the wearable devices since reliability and privacy of recorded information are met. Benchmarking has been performed as well to fill in the research gap with previous studies and the highest value obtained was 71%. This study is enabled to create a system of high reliability, privacy, and security to record and monitor the patient’s information.