Network Scheduling By using Expert Nonlinear Controller

  • Rasha Shamit Salman, Ahmad T. Abdulsadda


A Researchers have increasingly concentrated on combining cellular networks with control systems, especially when the COVID virusedisster happened in these days and the human who is in the place with patients would be got the infection by the viruse, which is known as Wireless Network Control Systems (WNCS). At the other hand, these devices face many challenges and a time delay is one of those challenges. In this paper the WNCS architecture proposes the Fuzzy logic with the Proportional –Integral – Derivative (PID) controller,the optimal laws are achieved using the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) strategy. The ZigBee network used to transmit and receive data between the controller nodes and the device controls. The new controller aims to reduce the time delays which may keep the device safe in case of network overload. The tests obtained showed the controller suggested is keeping it is case stable although increasing the number of hostage nodes and the  noise increased rapidly.