Improving The Accuracy of Displacement Profile from Inertial Measurement Unit Sensor (IMU)

  • Mohd Azlan Abu, Zulkifli Abdul Kadir Bakti, Hanisah Ahmad Mohtar, Imran Mohamad Sofi, Aizat Faiz Ramli, Hafiz Basarudin


This research involves discovering in improving the accuracy of the displacement profile from the inertial measurement unit sensor (IMU). Since Global Positioning System (GPS) is not precise to detect small displacement readings, an IMU is used to identify and monitor the displacement reading. Therefore, the objectives of this project are to measure the displacement reading from IMU by evaluating the speed and position as well as developing a motion tracking device on Arduino. To obtain the acceleration, this project used Arduino Uno and MPU6050 which are connected together to process the data. Then, the data will be recorded in Cool Term Software and imported into Microsoft Excel to perform the kinematics equation to get the displacement. However, IMU produces a lot of noise. Thus, a complementary filter is introduced on the MATLAB to reduce the noise. Finally, the displacement reading from IMU for the GPS signal will be measured and evaluated by using Arduino and Excel.