Real-Time Epileptic Seizures Detection and Recording Device

  • Siti Marwangi Mohamad Maharum, Nur Sabrina Ahmad Tajuddin, Azri Husni Hasani, Rohaida Hussain


Epilepsy is one of a neurological disorder induced by defective brain electrical activity. After an epileptic assault, the person will be unconscious and confused. Caregiver need to record the length of the patient's epilepsy assault and hence, need to be close with the patient all the time. The purpose of the project is to develop a device that is able to detect the epileptic seizure attack based on the patient’sskin conductivity. This project is usesgrove - galvanic skin response (grove-GSR) sensor as an input to detect the abnormal reading of patient’s skin conductivity. Then, this signal will trigger the real-time clock (RTC) which produces the real-time information to record the duration of the epilepsy attack. Besides that, an SD card is used to store the collected data for the doctor to diagnose the patient’s condition during monthly check-up. The project prototype functionality and effectiveness was tested on the normal patient as a test subject.Details on the project prototype development and results are discussed in this paper.