Convenience and Shopping Products, Global Brands or Local Brands (An Empirical Study of Consumer Market Options in Surabaya)

  • Endang Siswati, Siti Rosyafah, Wanda G.P.A. Hidayat


This research was carried out in Surabaya by observing 110 respondents for one month, and aims to find out and describe the description of consumers in Surabaya on the consumption of convenience products and fashion products, global brands and local brand products. This study uses a qualitative descriptive approach, data collection techniques used are observation, interviews, and documentation. After the data is obtained from the field, it is analyzed using qualitative data analysis techniques by analyzing all data, then reducing, categorizing, and interpreting. The results showed that of 110 consumers in the city of Surabaya consuming convenience products and shopping products from global brand products 2.3% smaller than local brand products. The results of this discovery are almost the same as those of R. Michelle., & Deshpande. 2013, which found that basically both global brand products and local products have approximately the same quality with an almost balanced comparison, the quality of local brand products is also not inferior to global brand products. This finding is different from Kussudyarsana's (2016) discovery that global brand products are preferred over local brand products, on the grounds that global brands are identified by consumers with quality products.\