A Human Capital Review: What are Factors Affecting Employee Performance

  • Unggul Priyadi, Wanda G.P.A. Hidayat, Mochamad Ali Imron


Performance as the achievement of employee is crucial to improve by the company. Related to certain company values or standards, one of them can be influenced by employee comfort, such as leadership style, motivation, and work environment. This research aims to determine the effect of leadership style, motivation, and work environment on employee performance. The type of research used in research is quantitative research. Based on the predetermined criteria, a sample of 62 respondents was obtained. The sampling method used is the census sampling technique, where the sample is taken based on the number of existing populations. The sampling technique uses Accidental sampling with questionnaires as data collection techniques. The data analysis method used is the Analysis of SEM (Structural Equation Model) with SPSS software tools. The results showed that the variables of leadership style, motivation, and work environment had a positive and significant influence on employee performance. In the amount of 98.4 percent of the leadership style, motivation, and work environment together with the dependent variable of employee performance while the remaining 1.6 percent is influenced by other factors outside the model.