DMC Model: A Superb Model for Measuring Employee Performance

  • Bisma Arianto, Wanda G.P.A. Hidayat


Employee Performance is an achievement by an individual worker that is adjusted to the role or task of the individual in a company or organization within a certain period, which is associated with a certain value or standard size of the company where the individual works. Therefore, a precise model is needed to measure the performance of company employees, because when employee performance rises, it will also improve the company's performance. The model is the DMC model that is discipline, motivation, and compensation. This research is a quantitative study using accidental sampling, with 100 respondents. The data analysis method in this study uses SEM (Structural Equation Model) with SPSS software tools. The results showed that the DMC model (Discipline, Motivation, and Compensation) had a significant positive effect to employee performance. As well as the feasibility of the model reflected by R-Square (R2) of 0.990, which means that the contribution of DMC Model (Discipline, Motivation, and Compensation) affect 99 percent to employee performance, while the remaining 1 percent is influenced by other factors outside the model.