Mechanical Properties [Basalt-(Ni-Al)] System By Thermal Spraying Method

  • Mahran Abdul Rahman Abdullah, Ismail Khalil Jassim


The current research deals with the method of thermal spraying with flame by using a spray device that consists of oxygen and acetylene gas and an upper flush to put the powder to be painted as basalt rock powder was used as a base material and was supported with a binder of nickel and aluminum, different support ratios of the bonding material were used as well as transactions Various temperatures and variable spray distances for prepared samples. The tests included (hardness, adhesion strength, wear, porosity). Where it found that the best optimum conditions for the spray coating is a distance (15cm) and mixing ratio (50%) and the best thermal treatment is (1100 ° C). The test results are given greater hardness (1150HvT), and the highest strength of adhesion (13.91 MPa), and less wear all at the same optimal conditions mentioned above.