Development of Information Systems for Increasing Time Performance in the Construction of Green Buildings in Indonesia

  • Mochamad Rifaldy, Mohammed Ali Berawi


The problem raised in this research is the current use of energy continues to increase along with technological developments and distributed in the world. Therefore, the Government issued Minister of Public Works and Public Housing Regulation No. 02 / PRT / M / 2015 concerning Green Building which regulates permits to build office buildings in office buildings so that more offices can be developed in Indonesia. In addition, Indonesia also has a system for Green Buildings called Green Buildings which is a standard in Green Buildings issued by the Green Building Council of Indonesia. To overcome this, a pre-green building appraisal system in Indonesia has been created so that companies that do not understand the criteria and assessment criteria will know about it. The application system is made to be able to load building applications in Indonesia, reducing the design time and automation of the counting system is easier and more effective than using manuals, while also reducing the percentage increase in the time of the final assessment. This application makes it easy for users to determine the expected building requirements in accordance with the system requirements and green building requirements in Indonesia.