Utilization of Cloud Computing using OLAP: Case Study of Company XYZ

  • Nathania Ferinda Roemawi, Amat Deska Arya


Data warehouse is the core of decision support systems, which are currently used by all types of companies throughout the world. Although numerous researches have been conducted related to the necessity of decision support systems for small businesses, the majority adopted existing approaches and solutions, which is suitable for large-scale enterprises, but inadequate for small and medium-sized enterprises. Small companies need inexpensive also lightweight architecture as well as tools (hardware and software) that provide online data analysis. To ensure this feature, the study used web-based business intelligence approach. For real-time analysis, traditional OLAP architecture is complicated and storage tends to be very expensive, therefore, the authors also reviewed the in-memory processing. This study discussed the existing approaches and tools that are capable in the main memory and / or the web interface, which are relevant for small and medium enterprises in making the decision.