Knowledge-based Project Management Apps To Improve Quality of Non-Engineered Residential Buildings in Indonesia

  • Nana Isnawan, Mohammed Ali Berawi


Indonesia is located in an area that has a high potential for earthquake.  Most of the fatalities occurred due to the collapse of non-engineered residential buildings, which are still widely available in Indonesia.  Non-engineered building are a simple buildings which in the process of construction are not use the correct technical rules and patterns. The Indonesian government has made regulationfor simple earthquake-resistant residential buildings.  However, its implementation is not easy, because the construction process usually done by the community itself and has become a habit for a long time without regard to the provisions that have been made.  Several initiatives have been carried out involving cross-parties and various fields to improve skills, knowledge and awareness of this issue.  How to manage supervision, increase skills and maintain shared awareness can occur continuously and growing is still the problem.  Project management ensure the quality of work as planned.  The application of appropriate knowledge management can increase people's skills, knowledge and awareness. With IT technology, process will be continuously and accessed from all locations of Indonesia.  The development of knowledge-based project management applications is expected to be a solution to improve the quality of non-engineered residential buildings in Indonesia.