Survey on Road Maintenance along PLUS Expressway for Mobile Application Development

  • Nurul Husna Mohd Jamail, Abd Halim A G, Sulzakimin Mohamed


At every nook and corner of the globe, roads happen to be one of the biggest assets in every country at every corner of the globe whereby the network infrastructure presenting economic and social benefits for individuals, groups of person, companies and industries. Maintaining the road system has been known generally to give significant improvement to the growth of economic and social benefits; meanwhile, inadequate road system maintenance could give a bad impact to mobility, the increasing rate of accidents, aggravates isolation, poverty and could eventually cause the rise of vehicle operating cost. A survey was conducted to elicit and evoke information on all sorts and factors of road imperfection and the present road maintenance rehearsed along PLUS expressway. Regardless to that, in most countries in the world today the management of road maintenance has been a big challenge. Unidentified road environment covers many aspects. Thus, based on those matters, it is vital to improve the quality of inspection reports whereby the efficiencies by mobile application shall be utilized. The developed system mobile application was found to be efficient and it can be used at anywhere and anytime which makes it flexible and convenient. Thus, the aim of this study is to identify types of defect, problems or issues and shortcomings of current road maintenance practice and subsequently develop a computerized road maintenance management system for PLUS Expressway. All the information gathered were examined, abridged and portrayed by utilizing Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) programming. The data analysis result of the survey will be utilized as the input for the mobile applications development, focusing on road maintenance along the PLUS Expressway.