Analyzing Sustainable Supply Chain Management Key Factors while Pandemic in Manufacture Industry in Indonesia

  • Adi Kurniawan


A pandemic situation that takes place in an affected area will directly impact an industry that involves as many resources as it does in a factory, especially if the epidemic is easily spread and or transmitted to others through its distribution media. This allows the imbalance of the production process and also the supply chain flow from the company, especially in the manufacturing sector, because the impact of this epidemic is very broad and allows the potential lockdown from the affected location if it takes a lot of victims, namely humans infected with the epidemic. Especially based on the classification of impacts ranging from those infected to the number of fatalities. The implementation of this pandemic-related policy is crucial for the supply chain order because it can create an imbalance in the global business economy in carrying out the production of their respective goods because the supply chain network is beginning to be disrupted due to the existence of this pandemic. Therefore we need a strategy to handle the impact of the pandemic on the supply chain so that later every company in the manufacturing industry can reduce the potential losses due to production failure due to the lack of supply of raw materials to produce goods.

Keywords: SSCM, Key Factors, Pandemic, Manufacture, AHP