The Influence of Environmental Stimulus on Customer Engagement in Brand Page of Online Transportation Services and Repurchase Intention

  • Prasaja Wibawa Utama, M. Gunawan Alif


Online brand communities (OBC) in the form of brand pages managed by brands on social media allows customers and brands to interact and improve brand relationship with customers. By viewing the characteristics of OBC as environmental stimulus in relation to the multi-dimensional theory of customer engagement, this study discerns diverse impact of brand pages engagement in online transportation industry. Using SEM analysis, the study empirically tests content quality and interactivity factors of OBC affecting customer engagement of brand pages, composed of three dimensions: affective, cognitive and behavioural; as well as its impact to repeated purchase intention. Findings indicate that interactivity positively engages customers, distinct from content quality. Subsequently, behaviourally engaged customers positively intends to repurchase the service.

Keywords: brand page, online brand community, customer engagement.