Viscoelastic Properties of Kenaf/Basalt Reinforced Epoxy Hybrid Composites through Vacuum Infusion Methods

  • A. Atiqah, M.N.M. Ansari, K. Chandran, K. Surenthiran, M. Jawaid, A. Hamdan


In recent years, many research interests are focusing on the hybridization of composites consisting of synthetic-synthetic, synthetic-natural, and natural-natural fiber. The advantages of the combination of various fibers can enhance the properties of composites in wide range applications such as automotive, packaging, construction and so on.  Kenaf/basalt reinforced epoxy hybrid composites were fabricated through a vacuum infusion method. The purpose of this study to investigate the viscoelastic properties of hybridization of kenaf/basalt reinforced epoxy composites.  There are four formulations of pure epoxy (PE), kenaf/epoxy (KE), basalt/epoxy (BE) and kenaf/basalt/epoxy (KBE) were fabricated through vacuum infusion method. The dynamic mechanical properties of kenaf/basalt hybrid composites were characterized to determine damping properties. The results show that the damping properties of basalt composites improved than other composites.