Fabrication of Nanocone Array using Soft Lithography Technique for Antimicrobial Application

  • Liyana Shamsuddin, Khairudin Mohamed, Siti Suhaila Md-Izah


The topography structures on cicada and dragonfly wings exhibit bactericidal properties on the surface upon contact with microbes. Inspired by the naturally-occurring surface micro- and nanostructures, several researchers have investigated the fabrication of these micro- and nanoscale structures in recent years. In this study, an electron beam lithography was employed to produce the desired pattern using photoresist/silicon substrate as a master mold. The pattern was subsequently replicated on PDMS prepolymer using soft lithography technique, while FESEM and AFM were utilised for imaging purposes. Using this lithography technique, nanocones with a size dimension of 200 to 300 nm in base diameter and 150 nm in height for a 400 × 400 µm2 write-field size were successfully fabricated in approximately 2 hours.