Substrate by High Velocity Oxy-fuel (HVOF) Method

  • Raden Dadan Ramdan, Budi Prawara, Irma Pratiwi, Syauqi Ramadhan, Bambang Widyanto, Rochim Suratman


Abradable coatings are widely used for specific application, such as break pad application. The background of the present research is due to the early failure of the break pad coating in motor cycle product. The approach of the present research is by developing abradable coating material on steel substrate by high velocity oxy-fuel (method). Two variable parameters are optimized in the present research, surface preparation and heat treatment before the coating process. For the case of surface preparation, three different surface preparations were performed including blasting, etching and combination between blasting and etching. On the otherhand, three different heating temperatures were performed before the coating, heating at temperature of 50oC, 100oC and 150o. It was observed sample treated with combination of blasting and etching before the coating produced roughest surface as well as thickest coating. This sample also show highest hardness as compared with others. For the case of heating temperature, it was observed optimum temperature obtain at temperature of 100oC which significant increasing of hardness as well as coating thickness obtained. From SEM observation after wear test, abrasive wear mechanism was observed after on all samples.