Literature Review of Blockchain-Based Technology for Data Storage Systems in the Governmental Organization

  • Fikroh Amali Fahmi Addiani


Cloud computing-based as a data storage system is one of the most widely used systems in government organizations.  However, the most problem in this system is the issue of data security.  Based on the literature studies, blockchain technology can be used as a data storage system with a higher level of security compared to the cloud computing system.  This paper reviews twenty-four studies around the world which had identified the weakness of cloud storage systems, also the characteristics and advantages of blockchain technology.  The purposes of this paper are to identify and communicate the research gap in the previous literature.  To achieve that purpose, the author has conducted a comprehensive literature review. The twenty-four articles were reviewed in five discussion topics: data storage system base on cloud computing, security in data storage systems, blockchain and the characteristics, blockchain as a base data storage system, and utilization of blockchain technology.