Exploring the Factors Playing Vital Role in Gaining Customers for Herbal Products: A Select Study from India

  • Shivam Bhardwaj, Vikas Tripathi


The herbal cosmetics and personal care businesses are developing rapidly now a day. Herbal have been utilized as medications for quite a while. Presently, it is used as important ingredients of a couple of items including cosmetics. Herbals are utilized more in cosmetics for a various reasons, such as natural, low cost and easy to use. As other Asian local, Indian individuals acknowledge how to utilize herbals for different purposes. The cosmeceutical businesses have reacted to these desires by flooding the market with a decent variety of items professing to be natural. Personal care products, which contain natural ingredients, are in high demand today. Accordingly, there has been a sensational development in the deals of normal and natural individual consideration items. Marketers are constantly analyzing the patterns of buying behavior and purchase decision. The purpose of this study is to look at various factors that impact buyer's discernment and purchasing conduct for herbal cosmetic products. For the purpose, respondents from Agra (Uttar Pradesh) were interviewed and recorded information was dissected utilizing SPSS and applying Z test. Respondents are classified into three categories: Current Users, Ex-Users (used and discontinued), and Non-Users (never tried). Study puts focus on identifying various factors which customers are taking into considering while taking a decision to purchase and use herbal products, their satisfaction level with the product, as well as the factors which are restraining them to do so.