Investigation of Al2O3/Oryza Sativa Oil Biodiesel on Performance and Tribological Characteristics

  • G. Sai Krishnan, S. Aravinth, G. Shanmugasundar, M. Vanitha


The need for the alternate fuels has increased due to the depletion, negative impacts on the environment and the engine performance of the conventional fuel. There is a change in the mind of the researchers to identify the new alternative fuel as the replacement for conventional diesel. Biodiesel is mainly obtained from renewable feedstock by transesterification process upon preheating. In this Research work the kinematic performance for Oryza Sativa (Rice bran oil) Bio-diesel oil containing aluminium oxide nano particles.Different Weight Percentages were dispersed in this work.Aluminium oxide is amalalgamated in percentages of 0.3/0.5/0.7 Weight Percentages in each rice bran oil Biodiesel. It also reduced the piston wear to an extent due to good lubrication nature.