Design Curves of Shear Strength for Indian Standard Steel Sections

  • K. Bala Gopi Krishna, D. Ravi Kanth, M. Narendra, B. Ravali.


Design tables are developed for IS sections as per IS 800:2007 for shear satisfying the codal provisions. The steel plate girders threaten high shear and low bending moment. The flanges mainly resist the moment applied, where as shear by web. Shear for members having the d/tw ratio is <67ε, sections fail because of yielding. In shear, non-dimensional web slenderness ratio (λw) ≤ 0.8 is safe zone and stocky beams fall during this zone will fail because of yielding and for the online slenderness ratio lies in between 0.8< (λw) <1.2 are termed as intermediate zone fails because of inelastic bucking and if (λw) is quite 1.2 are termed as slender zone fails because of elastic bucking. All the IS sections represent the stocky sections zone and (d/tw) is a smaller amount than 67 that no additional stiffeners are required. These design charts developed for IS hot rolled sections like ISJB, ISLB, ISMB, ISHB, and ISWB. Design Strength is calculated by using the simple post critical method.