Visualizing the Landscape of Social Identity Leadership: A Bibliometric Analysis

  • Natashaa Kaul, Shikha Mann


Post 2005 there has been a surge in research on social identity leadership. This has led to advances in the area with researchers examining this approach from a wide range of perspectives. There has been some qualitative work and large-scale empirical work in the area but there remains a need to complement this with a quantitative review of literature in the area. This bibliometric analysis is an attempt to portray the landscape of research in this area and to highlight the research trajectory over the last decade by using bibliographic coupling, co-citation and co-occurrence analyses. The visualization tool Vos Viewer was used for the analysis. 302 publications in the area were collected as a sample using the Scopus database as a source for the years from 2009 to 2019 in the category of “business, management and accounting” to serve as a base to understand the research landscape. Prominent researchers, popularly cited papers and journals with major publications in the area are identified. We also discuss some insights based on our bibliometric analysis and highlight research trends in the area.