Current Status of using Plastic Bags in Vietnam and Some Recommendations to Improve the Environment

  • Kieu Thi Thu Chung


Nowadays, nylon bags have become familiar in the daily life of the community. With the advantages of durable, strong, cheap price, nylon bags, especially the ultra-thin bags are commonly used in many places, circulated from the sale of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, to supermarkets, retail stores, street vendors, into every corner of our life. In addition, they are also used a lot to pack food and store small things. The good points of nylon bags are clear, but their impact on the environment and people’s health is almost taken care by users. The most concerned thing today is still the attitude and the action of the whole society towards this. While there are no strict legal regulations and different types of bags to limit the use of these bags, each of us needs to take more practical and specific actions to reduce the harm caused by plastic ones. Each household needs to reuse clean plastic bags for the next times and form a habit of consuming products which do not affect our living planet. This paper analyses the situation of plastic bags in Vietnam in comparison with some other countries, thereby offering some tips to build a green, clean and environment-friendly world