Arbitration in Kingdom of Saudia Arabia and Malaysia

(Recent Developments)

  • Mohammad Khaled Halawani, Muhammad Naim Omar


There is a need for a quick and effective resolution for economic and commercial development when a dispute arises. Both Malaysian legislative authority and the Saudi lawmakers adopted procedures resulted in a series of regulations in promoting the legal system related to arbitration law in both countries. Hence, the observer of the legal system and of arbitration law in Saudi Arabia and Malaysia witness a distinct progress. This progress distinguished during new developments in the trade and economic that Saudi Arabia and Malaysia are experienced in all public and private sectors that requires an appropriate mechanism for dispute settlements, with taking into consideration that the new arbitration in Saudi and Malaysian legal systems arbitration act  are subject to the UNCITRAL Model law. The establishment of the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration to improve the status of foreign and local investment is considered among the developments of arbitration in Saudi Arabia, of which going through the commercial dispute resolution. Malaysian legal system characterised by flexibility due to the existence and affective arbitration centers for economic and commercial dispute resolution in the country