Factors Affecting the Intellectual Dynamics of the Individual

  • Avlaev Orif Umirovich, Burkhanov Abduvali Abdullaevich, Ismoilova Dilafruz Muxiddinovna, Norkuzieva Manzura Abdurahmonovna


In this article, the factors that provide the dynamics of intelligence in the process of personal development, the transfer of intellectual activity methods to new conditions, students have proven that the components of general intelligence have a specific dynamics in educational stages and areas of study. Factors influencing the dynamics of general intelligence and correlations in the process of student professional formation are analyzed. The general intellectual potential of students studying at different stages of education is identified. It has been found that a student can achieve professional maturity if the interactive methods are chosen correctly and the psychological pedagogical and didactic bases are taken into account. The results obtained on the psychological impact of interactive methods on the mental development of students were analyzed. It has been proven that the dynamics of general intelligence in the development of the student's personality is very important and has different characteristics. The results of the study were processed by statistical methods and scientific conclusions were made.