Transition to the New Technological Structure of the Agriculture

  • Dmitry Ivanovich Zhilyakov, Yuri Mikhailovich Avdeev, Lyudmila Leonidovna Orekhova, Rustem Adamovich Shichiyakh, Alla Borisovna Plisova, Andrey Albertovich Tesalovsky


An analysis of the current state of the agricultural industry of the Siberian Federal District.
The following methods were used: statistical, monographic, graphic. Results. The authors revealed that the main producers of agricultural products are agricultural organizations, followed by households (ranking second) and peasant farms (ranking third). Use in practice. The authors examined the dynamics of production of major crops and livestock, which subsequently can be included into the development programs for state support of agriculture.
The paper emphasizes that an increase in agricultural production is possible through the use of intensive factors of production.