Adopting Artificial Intelligence for Smart Home

  • K. Kishore Kumar, Durga Prasad Vissamsetty, A.Srinath, T.V.Siva Sankar, Chaitanya.R


Imagine the home of future. Its smart home, the hypothesis of smart home isn’t the new one. As the automation of house hold chores as been developing from at least a century. In between 1915 – 20 there has a wide introduction of electrical home appliances which closely trace the household chores. Fast forwarding the time, existing technology that control home appliance through the electrical cables to transmit signals. After inventing microcontroller, devices and appliances are controlled remotely by the users. We were making baby steps towards smart home. As going on artificial intelligence makes a step for communications between the devices, it has an ability to issue some sort of commands to control basic tasks, turning lights on or off, controlling room temperature, activating the alarm on the schedule, and sprinklers system for gardening according to the set program. With the development of sensor technology we collect data throughout the home. We used sensors that needed to detect temperature, light, motion, moisture, noise in the home environment. The data collected from devices used to make programmed algorithm or basic artificial intelligence to make decisions from that. In part of that we are acquisition two different neural networks in the system, that provide preprogrammed automatic home, self adopt learning and make intelligent home. NN has adaptive system and PDP parallel distributed processing capacity. It helps in predicting the human work based on past data. This helps in reducing the work what we do, and remembering the work what have to do, let allow the home to do work for you.

Keywords: ANN, smart home, human intelligence, back propagation, self adopt learning.