A Study on Video Advertising Effectiveness on Social Media Marketing Campaigns in Saudi Arabia

  • Shajahan Shamsudeen, Ali Mohammed Medabesh


In this paper authors explored Advertising effectiveness as a means of measuring Advertising (Ad) likeness in social media and its link with video style , theme and story board and other related factors in details.. The result of the multiple regression implied that overall model for Advertising Effectiveness of  social media marketing campaign  explained by Attractiveness (AT), Sociability (SB), Trustworthiness (TW) and Competence (CP) are significant in predicting advertising  effectiveness of the  social media marketing campaign. The outcome of the study definitely help both academicians and practitioners to get real view of Ad effectiveness and its link with independent variables selected for the purpose of the study In short wider likes,  shares, positive comments and Customer feedback on social media especially on YouTube  videos have represented as visible tool of social acceptance of the Ad and hence Ad effectiveness on the account of communication impact