Study on Occupational Burnout among Nurses in Primary Health Centres in India

  • K. M. Ashifa


Burnout is called the reduction of fuel to the substance to nothing through use or combustion. The individual who has the symptoms of burnout will be less productive at work, especially when it comes to interaction with others. The leading causes of burnout are lack of resources to work effectively, no clarity in work to be done, monotonous work, imbalance in work and personal life, not interested in the work done, and no quality in the work environment. The symptoms include problems in decision-making ability, wrong attitude, the difference in behavior, apathy, depression, not cooperation, and aggressiveness. The researcher examined the burnout level between these nurses in this report. The study found that the nurses were at a very high level of burnout, which in turn affect their productivity, efficiency, and ability to work. Moreover, these factors affecting their personal life physically, mentally, and emotionally.