Determinants of Empowering Women

  • A. Nasima, P. Shalini


The term”Women empowerment” is a long-standing, an issue not only in our country but also in many countries. To overcome from these prevailing problem leaders from the world formed and adopted 2030Agendain the year 2015 with 17 sustainable development goals in which one of the important goal to Empower women is “Sustainable development Goal 5 Gender equality” which emphasize from all other goals because attaining equal rights of women and girls throughout the world will able to achieve easily all the other goals. Based on this dispute reviewed many articles found factors that make women empower. Finally confirms that Personal autonomy, Family Decision Making, Political Empowerment, Social and Cultural Participation, Economic Empowerment, Health, and Self-esteem were influenced directly to empower women which gives an emancipated life Will crucially attain a good economic growth to our  Nation.