User Preference Aware Radio Access Technology Selection Model for Heterogeneous Communication Network

  • Nagaraja G., Rameshbabu H.S., Gowrishankar


The future generation of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks (HWNs) will combine various radio access technologies for connecting various mobile subscriber (MS) based on Quality Of Service (QoS) and wireless network parameter and connecting MS to best possible wireless network (WN) has been a hot research trends in HWN. Existing radio access technology (RAT) selection method are designed to meet QoS of network criteria and user preference are neglected. Very limited work is done for RAT selection considering user preference. However, these model are designed considering multimode terminal (MT) running single service at a time under low density network. For overcoming research problems, this paper present User Preference Aware Multi-Objective RAT (UPAMO-RAT) selection method for high dense and dynamic HWNs. The UPAMO-RAT selection first present Preference Aware Weight (PAW) evaluation. Then, present User Preference Aware TOPSIS (UPA-TOPSIS) for selecting ideal RAT for communication. Experiments are conducted for evaluating performance UPAMO-RAT over existing RAT selection method. The UPAMO-RAT selection method attain superior Quality of Experience (QoE) outcome when compared with existing RAT selection method.