Reviewing the Effectiveness of Energy Efficiency Approaches in Cyber Physical System

  • Umapathi G R, Ramesh babu H S


Adoption of Cyber-Physical System is inevitable in upcoming times owing to its potential coverage of various physical devices operated by computational algorithms. However, constructing a robust application structure for dynamically supporting the uncertain network is a big challenge to Cyber-Physical System. Out of various forms of inherent problems associated with proper operation of physical devices in such system, one of the biggest impediments towards this can be stated as an energy efficiency problem as the physical devices are basically a low-powered and limited resources sensors and actuators. Therefore, this manuscript discusses about the existing trends of the solution presented in current era in order to address the energy efficiency problem in Cyber-Physical System. The paper has discussed about the various schemes with respect to their strength and flaws that assists in forming up the open research issues required to solve the energy efficiency problem in Cyber-Physical System.