An Experimental Investigation on Inhibiting Chloride Induced Reinforcement Corrosion using Encapsuled Nicotiana Tabacum Extract

  • Ananthayya M B, Shashi Kumar N V, Kiran.K.M, Nagendra N


Carbon steel pertaining to construction industry offers profuse material property is by far widely adopted but has paltry corrosion resistance in acidic environment. Corrosion is a natural oxidation reduction process, which can only be reduced but cannot be completely ruled out. Corrosion causes material loss, strength degradation, internal stresses, leading to deterioration of structure. Remedial measures involving heavy metals are banned in marine infrastructure for in fear of its toxicity and potential capacity of genetic modification in flora and fauna. Green corrosion inhibiting bioactive agents are nontoxic and biodegradable containing hetero atoms of phosphorous, sulphur, nitrogen and oxygen are natural corrosion inhibitors. Present work focuses on lowering chloride induced reinforcement corrosion rate by adopting corrosion inhibition practice using encapsulednicotianatabacum extract from soxhlet apparatus and ethanol for samples immersed in 1N Nacl solution and evaluated by weight loss method and electrochemical test is showing promising result of reduction in corrosion rate with increase in extract concentration.